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My experience being a PGH Medical Intern

Posted by Timothy on July 8, 2016 at 2:25 AM

Oh yes, Its been a while. Many things happened. I was accepted in UP-PGH for a year long internship. And its finally over (Thank God hehe). Basing on my experiences I can say that my work in PGH is a hybrid of a clerk, a resident, and a manong and those work not in the job description of others.

A clerk- Yes, we still do monitoring and different procedures like blood extractions, catheter placements etc. Thats why interns never wear their coats on the wards or else that whte coat will end up creamy with an aroma of sweat and speck of blood. 

A resident- You have the privilege as the front liner of the medical team and co-manage the patient with the resident in-charge. You will be responsible in accepting the patients in the wards and evaluating their status. You can also write your own notes on the charts with your suggested diagnostics, assesment and work-up. You also have to make your own rounds everyday and evaluate your patient.

A manong- This is the part that reflects the despair of the health condition of the country. Maybe the government have insufficient funds to hire other personnel. So as interns we fill up the works of "Manongs". With the use of our own physical strength, stamina, and goodwill to others, we transport the patient from one place to another (ER-ward, ward-xray, CT scans, etc). There are times that you will transport multiple patients in one stretcher due to the large number of admissions but lack of medical equipments.

Those work not in the job description- There are a lot of things interns do that also drains their, time, energy and even resources. The lack of personnel transforms us to be nurses, phlebotomists and couriers. In times of emergencies we shed out our own resources to save a patients life.

Below are the pictures of me and my blockmates. Hope to see you again. Its been a great year. Thank you very much. 

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