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At last! my own laptop!

Posted by Timothy on August 18, 2010 at 7:23 PM

I just purchased my own laptop 2 days ago. It is a MSI CX420 (core i5). After four months of saving I finally reaped what I sow, the fruit of my own labor. This was sold for 39,995 php but if you will purchase in cash (specially in gilmore) you can avail a huge discount. Thay gave me 15% off. Now that was a nice deal. Thank you PC corner!


When Jel purchased her Netbook (Neo Basic B3300) two weeks ago I was very proud. This made me excited to buy and triggered my obsession to own one. Her Neo netbook was very light which suited her lifestyle. Her job requires her to travel so a travel light laptop comes in handy. 


Jel's Neo B3300 box. Congrats you own a new netbook :)


I also need a laptop for my work and of course for my leisure :) so I listed the basic requirements or standards for my future laptop:


1. A powerful processor- My work requires me to open separate windows and do multi-tasking.

2. A good keypad- To type text and codes, etc...

3. A wide and clear display- So I can view microscopic texts with ease :) and will not strain my eye when multi tasking.

4. A powerful graphics memory- for my hobbies like playing games and photo/video editing.

5. A cheap price but of a worth value- Of course I must consider this!


After some research and comparison, I finally chose MSI CX420. Why? because-


1. It has the new intel processor the "Intel core i5". It has a turbo boost function and is capable of hyper threading. It can act as a quad core processor.

2. It has a chiclet keypad. I really don't know why it is called chiclet. The only chiclet I know is a chewing gum. But they say that chiclet keypads are easy to type on and very friendly. Which I can say is true because I am typing right now.

3. It has a 16:9 (wide screen) LED display. Very clear and vivid.

4. It has a 1 gigabyte ATI Radeon HD 5470 video card! Playing 3d games are almost effortless. It can handle the highest version of Adobe photoshop and can play all the latest games with its DirectX 11.

5. And the best thing is... It has a reasonably low price compared to its features!


Aside from that it has the Cross-Hatch Color Film Pattern to avoid scratches and the switchable graphics which can turn the video card on or off. If you want to save battery and don't want your laptop to exhaust heat you can simply turn the video card off.


Fresh from the box



Four stickers

1. HD display- HD stands for High Definition I think

2. Energy star- Energy from a star :) I really dont know what this means.

3. ATI mobility Radeon HD 5470- Now this I know! Of course you also know if you read the paragraph above. No need to explain further.

4. intel core i5 inside- Intel really made it sure to put the word "inside". They don't want to have their processors outside.


This is what my desktop looks like. It really took me long to decide whether to install Warcraft The Frozen Throne. But since it is a necessity I have no choice but to install it.


The processor displays 4 cores. The more the merrier.


Switching graphics is only one click away. The biggest temptation. To play game or not to play game...... To play game!


The DirectX diagnostic tool. Nice computer name :)


This is the display settings when the video card is activated. It has an approx total memory of 1711mb or 1.7gb. Wicked!


With the video card turned off, it still has a 758mb video memory. I can still play dota to the highest resolution even at this setting. Really wicked!


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Reply mic the cool guy
8:20 PM on August 18, 2010 
congrats master.:) ako din malapit na.:)
Reply Margaret
8:22 PM on August 18, 2010 
Reply manding
10:08 AM on October 10, 2010 
bravo, timoy! ang cool ng specs ng lappy mo!

btw, Energy Star means that your laptop passed the energy requirements to be considered an Earth-friendly, power-saving device. way to go!
Reply Tim
6:30 PM on October 10, 2010 
Thanks manding. Yun pala meaning ng Energy star. Di ko na naresearch yun tinamad na ako hahaha. Nadagdagan pa nga specs lappy inupgrade ko pa ng 4gb yung RAM. Adik.