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Nothing interesting here. Maybe I'll just give you a joke...


Question: What name has a lot of letter "E" on it?

Answer: Myra

Why: Myra 300 E. Now there's Myra 400 E.

Hahaha corny ^_^


Question: Why do frogs die?

A: Because they kermit suicide :)


Putting jokes aside-

Question: Is Medicine difficult?

Answer: Hell Yes!


Q: Is it advisable to have a BF or GF at Med school?

A: Its up to you. If you can handle it. You will always spend time for studies and relationships. The amount of time you'll be spending without compromising both will determine how good you are at time management. But one thing is true. Medicine is not a walk in the park. It is given that you'll need to compromise other things once you entered med school.


Q: What is the best pre-med course?

A: For me it would be Med Tech (B.S. Medical Technology). Nursing are good on practical application but only tackles the basics of prep med subjects. Nutrition as a premed is very superficial since they lack anatomy/physiology and other practical applications. Physical therapy has the upper hand on Anatomy but has a superficial knowledge in Biochemistry. Medtech somehow has a balance on all premed subjects (Anatomy/Physiology/Biochemistry/Pathology etc..)


Q: What is your tip to those who will pursue or are pursuing medicine

A: Read, read and read..


Q: What school should I choose if I will pursue Medicine

A: Again it depends on you. If you exceptionally bright and with a tight budget, you can pursue UP Manila- the best med school in the Philippines. An alternative for UPM would be PLM. But if you are not exceptionally bright but with a budget you can choose FEU-NRMF, UERM, OLFU etc.. If you are rich you can pursue UST, La Salle or Ateneo who has a more conducive amenity for learning.

I have to strongly point out that it is not really the school you are in that will matter at the end. You are better in the top 10% of an average school than in the bottom 20% of UPM. All Medicine schools have the same textbooks and references. All are studying the same Anatomy/Physiology and diseases unless they are studying alien life forms. It is not the school that will make you distinct but your own performance.